Spring 2015 Schedule (7 aside)

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August 21, 2014 – Captains Meeting Minutes

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May 7, 2013 News

Minutes from the Aug. 25, 2012 GACSL Captains meeting are here.


The league has a NEW Hotline Number! Call (678) 744-5430 before EVERY game to check for game changes/cancellations and other important information. This is the ONLY phone number to be used for GACSL game information.

GACSL is now on facebook!

CLARIFICATION: You MUST be officially REGISTERED for GACSL 7-a-side to PLAY on a 7-a-side team. 11-a-side players may NOT play as guests on 7-a-side teams, as it would not be fair to the other 7-a-side players who have PAID for the refs and field lining!

As voted on at the 5/2/07 GACSL captains meeting, ALL teams registering for 11-a-side must now submit a separate check for $80 as a performance bond.

Discipline & Protest: Just a reminder to captains to immediately report any and all yellow cards, red cards, or injuries to the D&P Vice President.

GACSL Fees: Ever wonder where your soccer fees go? Here’s the breakdown per season:

$25-$75 to GACSL to cover referee payments, field usage/RENTAL fees, field lining, registrar payment, and other miscellaneous (minimal) costs. The amount GACSL charges is just enough to cover the expenses of running the league. Because of this, the league does NOT issue refunds due to rained-out games. If more than 50% of the games in a given season are canceled, the affected teams will pay discounted fees the next (upcoming) season.


$20 to GSSA to cover insurance and their (mandatory) administrative fees. This fee is paid yearly. You may have already paid it in another league during the fall season. If so, you’re considered a “dual” player. Starting spring 2005, players are responsible for providing proof of their dual status.
$25 to Cobb Parks and Recreation. You pay this if you do NOT live in Cobb County for seasons that our league plays on county-owned fields (like Noonday, etc). GACSL sends this fee
directly to Cobb Parks and Rec. It’s paid only once a year. If you play in another Cobb league (CASL or CWSA) you don’t have to pay the fee again that year. Sometimes the registration system will let you by-pass this fee, but you cannot play for GACSL until you pay it.

Meeting! The next CAPTAINS meeting is TBA. Each team is REQUIRED to send at least 1 representative or face a fine.

Minutes from the Sept. 1, 2011 GACSL Captains meeting are here.

Meeting! Here are the minutes from the 3/15/11 meeting.